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 DAIHAN MaXterile™ Digital Fuzzy-control Autoclaves, Standard & Recorder-type, 47-/60-/80-/100-Lit.Steam Strtilizer, Electronic Door Lock Sys., Lever-type Sliding Door, Steam Condensing Mechanism, Max.2 kgf/cm2, up to 132℃, 전자동 고압 멸균기, 전자식 도어 잠금 시스템, CE-MDD 인증, Solid-/Liquid-Modes, with Certi. & Traceability

■ DAIHAN-brand® New Generation Steam Sterilizers

■ with Certificate & Traceability :

   Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System

■ Patented Special Steam Condensing Mechanism

■ Built in DAIHAN-brand® New Generation Controller :  Patented Jog-Dial Control System

■ Electronic Door Lock Sensing System for User Safety.

■ Patented Safety and Easy to Use Lever-type Sliding Door

■ Door Open Button Automatically Lock Over 80℃ for User Safety

■ Built in Recorder model (only MaXterile 47R/60R/80R/100R models) :

   Print Sterilization Cycle Data for Validation and Analyze Sterilization(Temperature, Pressure, Time, Error Status, etc.)

■ “CE-MDD (CE 0470- Medical Device Directive) Certified”  (MaXterile100, MaXterile100R excluded)

■ PL(Product Liability) Insurance


* Ideal for Biotechnology, Clinical, Environmental, Medical and Food Industry.

* Innovative Easy-to-Use Digital Fuzzy Controller.

* Included 2×Wire Baskets

* Top-loading type Sterilizer for Easy Loading of Large Working Volume.

* Casters equipped for Excellent Mobility.

* Digital LCD with Back-Light Function.

*Digital Timer Function -‘ Delay Time’and‘ Operation Time’can be Controlled.

* Solid / Liquid Mode can be chosen by a customer considering a Sample Phase.

* Complete Safety Pressure Mechanism.

* Heat-Protective Lid Cover for User Safety.

* Water Low Level Detection

* Automatic Over Pressure Release Valve ensures User Safety.

* Sterilization Error Indication : Error Alarm and Massage in case of Power Failure and Temperature Error


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