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Made in: Hàn Quốc
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with Certificate & Traceability : Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information,and Traceable Data Base System   

■ DAIHAN-Brand

■ Lower Profile for Space-saving Convenience

■ Ideal for Repetitive Extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other Extraction Procedure), Reflux and Distillation Laboratory Applications

■ Analog Controller Built-in System

■ Rods and Clamps are Offered as Standard

■ Ideal for DURAN/Kimax /Pyrex & Iwaki-brand Round Flasks

■ Highly-processed Aluminum Case Offers Robust Standing, Easy Handling

■ Nickel Chrome Heating Element – Coil Type : Acid-Resistant, Long Life Time

■ CE Certified

■ with Glassware Supporting Rod & Clamp


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